Self Managed Sanitary Bin

Sani Smart self managed sanitary bins are a safe, cost-effective and functional solution for your sanitary disposal needs. Our innovative design removes service charges and call out fees, with cost savings by self-managing, making your business cleaner, safer and helping to reduce Covid-19 spread with no external visitors. If being green is on your agenda, you’ll appreciate our energy efficient and environmentally friendly approach to reducing the carbon footprint on sanitary waste.

Innovative sanitary disposal design

Available in a 26L model, the Sani Smart sanitary hygiene bins combine large sanitary waste holding capacity in a sleek and compact design ensuring it meets the space demand of the modern commercial or office bathroom.

Biodegradable Lids

Designed to reduce environmental impact, our biodegradable cartridges can be easily disposed of without negative effects.

Wall mounts

Save space with our optional wall mounting capabilities, which encourages more efficient cleaning or keep it simple and have your bin free standing.

Quality Base

A high quality base that can be re-used over and over again. How do we know? We test our bins to make sure they can withstand high levels of use with continued performance.


No more servicing fees or call out charges. Our innovative sanitary bin lids are easy to remove and replace, removing the need for service charges.

Environmentally Safe

From product research and development to production, logistics and market operations, we believe in doing our utmost in protecting our precious environment and reducing our carbon footprint.


Eco Friendly



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